MOVEMENTWISE Movement Education



“I have worked with many very skillful body workers for over 20 years for chronic back pain and injuries dating back to childhood.  All of these gave me temporary relief and some gradual improvement.  Joan is the first practitioner to offer me the hope of a pain-free life, a dream I had given up years ago.  My days are now more filled with activities I never imagined I would do again.  And my nights are occupied with deep renewing healing sleep after years of pain-induce insomnia.  Feldenkrais with Joan has transformed my life, releasing old, seemingly embedded physical and emotional trauma. ”  Sara

Joan Clapper’s expertise using the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education has been instrumental in relieving plantar fasciitis pain that I endured for over a decade, as well as alleviating temporomandibular joint pain that I have had off and on for over 40 years.  In individual sessions, Joan works closely with me to determine areas that are causing discomfort or limitation in motion. Joan is friendly, calm and congenial.  Her services improve the function of my body and lift my spirits by greatly increasing the quality of my daily life.  I highly recommend Joan Clapper for the Feldenkrais Method and occupational therapy services.” Jennifer

“I just went out to get the mail and my neighbor drove up behind me and said,”Oh my gosh! You are walking so much better!” I told her I just left a Feldenkrais app’t with you and she was totally amazed. Thought you might appreciate the feedback. Thank you for helping me.” B. D.

“Joan uses her considerable knowledge of the Feldenkrais method, her sensitivity, and her good humor to help us clients learn how to move with grace and comfort.  Feldenkrais work, in both group classes and private appointments, has made me stronger, reduced the aches and pains, and attuned me to everyday delights.  It has been a wonderful way to become alive to myself.  … My list of outcomes: … providing experiences and principles that I can use at home, making work/exercise more effective and less painful, teaching how to ‘lengthen’ while exercising so I no longer have to stop to stretch, improving my success at crossword puzzles, letting me mop the floor without pain, developing an dynamic equilibrium in the body that has led to a happy balance in life, developing an ease in the body that has led to an ease in life, engendering bliss.  Thank you, Joan!”  Mark

“The very first time I experienced a Feldenkrais session with Joan, I knew that a significant before-and-after point in my life had been reached. She has literally begun to put me fully back into my body, to reassemble, to reintegrate parts that over time had become scattered and lost. Her work has brought me renewed vitality and a sense of nearly unlimited possibilities for moving through and engaging with the world. I am hooked.”  Barbara

“I’ve known that there was something a bit twisted with my body for many years because of certain pain or bone problems.  An MRI showed I have a bit of scoliosis.  Walking became more difficult and I attributed it also to bunions and bunionettes.  Knee problems grew.  Bunion surgery decreased pain, but walking became more difficult, as did climbing stairs.  … Pilates helped my strength but didn’t ease aches.  I’ve gone to the gym for the past 10 years, but not too eagerly. The notion of endorphins from gym workouts seemed mythical.

I became someone who counted steps: a trip to the laundry room might be put off until I had two things to take there, just to save 10 steps.  Why is the milk always at the back of gigantic stores?  Would walking into the store be too difficult?  Would I end up having surgery like my father that never diminished his pain?  Would I wear a morphine patch as he did until he gladly accepted death as the way to stop the pain?

… One day in May, 2012, I hurt so much that I looked at the website for this Feldenkrais thing, that I’d first heard about 10 years ago.  …  And I was really lucky because you were teaching a class that day.  I came to your class wondering if it could possibly help, wondering what I’d have to do through the class, would it hurt more than it helped, would I be embarrassed at how I moved?   So many questions running through my head!  You started the class and urged me to put a pad under my head and one under my hip, and started talking the Feldenkrais Way.  And my body started relaxing through this session of small movements and by the time the class was over, I walked out thinking, “This woman could be my savior”.

… In the past week I’ve worked in my yard 4 times and have had no problems from it.  Yesterday I did a very hard job and when I started it, I was wondering if I’d have to hire help to do it.  Except for an achy shoulder, I did it with no problems with my feet, knees or legs.  Amazing.  A few weeks ago I found that I can now go up and down the stairs without holding on to the rail.  I’d been wondering if I was going to have to get one of those lifts, so that was a huge success for me.  I no longer worry about how far I’ll have to walk into the grocery store, or how far I’ll have to walk in the grocery store.  My walking gait is smoother.  Funny thing too is that now I think I understand what endorphins feel like, but still not at the gym, just at Feldenkrais time!  I’ve so very grateful to you and your talents.  Thank you.”  Victoria