MOVEMENTWISE Movement Education


Medical Conditions

Joan’s work with The Feldenkrais Method  is beneficial for the following medical conditions and is often covered by medical insurance when it is part of a comprehensive occupational therapy treatment program:

  • Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral vascular accident (stroke),  Parkinson’s, or acquired brain injury
  • Back problems or neck pain
  • Overuse syndromes, such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet or elbow tendonitis
  • Arthritis and other causes of joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia and muscular pain issues
  • Limitations after a joint replacement
  • Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) issues and jaw pain
  • Incontinence and pelvic floor weakness
  • Plantar fasciitis and chronic foot or ankle problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)
  • Developmental delays in children
  • Cerebral palsy

“We do not work with people’s problems but with their health–health as the capacity to recover from shock, the ability to overcome obstacles, the capacity to live one’s dreams.”  Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Please note that although the office does not comply with ADA standards, there is a wheelchair ramp available and doorways are large enough for most wheelchairs.


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