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About Joan Clapper


I have worked with many very skillful body workers for over 20 years for chronic back pain and injuries dating back to childhood.  All of these gave me temporary relief and some gradual improvement.  Joan is the first practitioner to offer me the hope of a pain-free life, a dream I had given up years ago … Feldenkrais with Joan has transformed my life. ”  Sara

Joan Clapper is both an occupational therapist and Feldenkrais practitionerShe has worked for nearly 35 years in the medical field, “but it wasn’t until I discovered the Feldenkrais Method that my profession became my art and my own process of self-discovery.”  She currently offers individual Feldenkrais work that focuses on wellness issues or may be included within occupational therapy treatment sessions to address medical conditions.  Joan also provides Feldenkrais classes for those who wish to enhance the quality of their movements in a groldp-79438up setting.


Joan’s career began with receiving a Bachelors degree in occupational therapy in 1982.  As a licensed occupational therapist, she has provided rehabilitation services for those with neurological conditions, orthopedic limitations, developmental issues, and chronic pain.  Over the course of her career, she has provided therapy in many different capacities, including home health,  pain management, in-patient comprehensive rehabilitation, community re-entry, pediatrics, injured workers, skilled nursing rehabilitation, and neurological out-patient treatment.

Joan went back to graduate school in 1994 to deepen her understanding of disability, aging and movement.  She designed and completed a qualitative research study to describe successful recovery strategies following traumatic brain injury, for which she received her Master’s degree in 1996.

Joan also became a certified Feldenkrais practitioner in 1996.  She began to offer the Feldenkrais Method of movement education as part of her occupational therapy practice and to teach classes in the community.  Since that time, she has provided Feldenkrais treatments and classes in dozens of medical, educational, fitness, and wellness settings in Portland and Corvallis.  She has supported hundreds of patients in the recovery of their functional abilities when hindered by illness, injury, aging, or overuse of their bodies.  She has worked with athletes, dancers, musicians and others to maximize their athletic and creative performance, with the goal that each of her clients reach their highest potential.

 “Joan,  I just went out to get the mail and my neighbor drove up behind me and said, ”Oh my gosh! You are walking so much better!” I told her I just left a Feldenkrais appointment with you and she was totally amazed.”  Barbara D